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In the house, in a heartbeat…

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John Murphy’s 28 Days Later score deserved more recognition than it got. Godspeed! You Black Emperor, a Canadian anarchist art collective and one of the post-rock scene’s founding lights, was the perfect music for 28 Days Later. It scored the film in Danny Boyle’s head during much of his creative process. Their relationship would be a tortured one.

John Murphy-In the House-In a Heartbeat

Brian Eno-An Ending (Ascent)

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28 Weeks Later, Iraq, and the political urgency of the un-metaphor

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I’ve been thinking a lot about metaphor. The simulacra and illusions of postmodern capitalism is an entire world of metaphors. Money (and perhaps credit) is the metaphor of metaphors for our time. We have become adept at interpreting postmodern capitalism’s doublespeak, it is the second language of almost the entire world.

I generally subscribe very strongly to the spirit of the idea that all art is indirection. Art says things without saying it, obscures things to arrive at an even more striking truth, a truer than truth. But when our world is full of truths that are truthier than truth, might metaphor not work in the opposite direction?

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How to choose a movie at the cinema: 28 Weeks Later

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A few words on going to the movies. Reviews are a very useful tool. They get things wrong sometimes, like with the early hype surrounding 300 and Transformers. But if you learn how to speak the language you will be rewarded. Continue reading

Various Production’s remix of Adele’s “Chasing Pavements” and working class entertainment: aestheticizing the struggle?

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various-red-ready.jpgAn early contender for song of the year. Words after the break, but first the mp3s.


Adele-Chasing Pavements (Various Remix)

Roll Deep-Flying Away (Ft. Alex Mills)

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Justifications, Idealisms

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The great barrier of entry to blogging, the enormous threshold of narcissism that seems shameful to overcome, makes the practice seem impossible.


But I think that people don’t blog enough. Blogging forces you to collect your thoughts and, in some way, publish them, even if they are in the most unorganized way possible. Generally, though, the more organization the better, because, even apart from this writing’s utility for others, this magnifies the greatest utility, which is for the writer. When writing, as when reading, we tend to construct logic (this is why poetry and art can be so difficult to create), and blogging forces a commitment to ideas. Without this forced commitment, the worst kind of logical inconsistencies and prevarications can persist. A prime example is the structure of disavowal, which is also the structure of irony, which is also the structure of racism and sexism and most of the popular oppressive isms in our postmodern epoch. In disavowal (the foundational case being the discovery and then denial of the lack of the female phallus in Freud) we split, we persist in believing one thing even when presented with evidence to the contrary. Zizek explains this as “I know my mother doesn’t have a penis, but…” and “I know Jews are just like us, but…” When commitment is made, when these contradictions are forced to cohabitate in the same time and place, a collision is forced. Most often, of course, the disavowal survives, but the only way that it can be killed is through the forced juxtaposition of self-constructed thought.

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