The Love Guru: No witty subtitle here. I’m just–out

I showed this video to my friend and he thought it was a comedy sketch. No, actually it’s a big budget Hollywoood full-length feature. Apparently this was a spiritual journey for Mike Myers in memory of his lost father. I shit you not: “With the guru Pitka, after my father died, I went on a spiritual quest, and it’s very hard when you’re a comedian to go on a spiritual quest, because your natural instinct is to be cynical. But when you do come across wisdom and things that actually make you happier, and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier in my life, [you think], “That’s an area I’d like to make a movie about.” I don’t want to ruin the movie for people, but I’ll try to build some hype by letting a few comic jewels spill out of the laugh sack. Straight from the horse’s mouth: “I am from the town Hairinmykeester, in the valley of Lintinmybelly. My guru is Tuggingmypoota, his guru was Cheddarfromundah, and his guru was Hasasmallweena. [Laughs.] I like silly things. This is a very silly film.” Apparently ol’ Mike cracks HIMSELF up. I can’t blame him, “Hasasmallweena” IS quite the kneeslapper. If you don’t think it’s funny, maybe you just didn’t get the joke. See, if you break up that long town name into smaller words…

Also, JT’s in this movie. He has an accent, but it’s French-Canadian. So do I still rupture ties with JT over this? PRIME existential dilemma of the day.

I’m surprised Kal Penn didn’t get a piece of this. Maybe he was too busy reprising his star/Executive Producer double threat production role in the next Van Wilder spin-off.

Don’t worry this one went straight to video:


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