Let’s do some hyperlinked free association with some white folk shall we…

[Jack Daws “Minstrel Mice]

All mass culture “colorless” spaces on the internet are white spaces.


chicken nigger black fried chicken negro nigga fruit melon kfc poor fat chicken and watermelon drugs sex ass kool-aid water weed coon white cock grape soda ghetto cotton green penis dick african crime niggerfruit nigra cracker bling racist drink awesome drinks porch monkey food drunk pussy stupid person booze loser crack dave chappelle vodka queer tomato


2 Responses to “Let’s do some hyperlinked free association with some white folk shall we…”

  1. Cheers mate, glad you enjoy the show. I do the show especially for people like YOU not your useless friends. Who needs friends anyway? All they do is borrow money off you and fart in your car, at least mine do. Do you have an AIM address? I could just send you the file of that whole mix. It’s actually an Appleblim mix from Resident Advisor, I was out of town that weekend so I had a sub. Probably naughty to play it on air but one needs a vacation every now and then. I think the tune with horns you’re referring to is an unreleased track called “Tide” by White Boi. Well, I’m nortydread on AIM so hit me off if you’d like that mix, I don’t think it’s available on RA anymore. Thanks again for writing and listening!

  2. It’s similar to how normalcy is usually male. A genderless space is not, in reality, without gender, but male, the dominant, “normal” gender.

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