What this blog is about


This is a blog about all the traditional stuff: politics and art (primarily movies and music, and I won’t be pretentious and name drop stuff that you may never have seen read or heard without explaining it or letting you experience it yourself).[1]


I believe in theory and there will be a lot of that on these pages, but I think theory can be accessible and even palatable to anyone, and I will try to do that, with the understanding that many others haven’t the time or the leisure to invest in looking at, or have too many doubts about its usefulness.

I’m by no means a doctrinal Marxist, I haven’t even read enough Marx to know what the doctrine is. But the strains of thought emanating from his work are in my opinion the most intellectually appealing and also the most engaged, the best at bridging the gap between theory and practice, and bridging that gap is a constant existential crisis for me.

I also believe in the “I,” especially in writing, and the importance of lived experience. Our experience situates us and gives us firsthand knowledge, as well as blind spots. By interacting with others we can maximize the former and minimize the latter. I’m an “unbleached” person, or in more conventional terms a person of color, and unbleached causes and perspectives interest me greatly, though I by no means reduce anything to racial terms, and I think that if we lose the queer battle or the poor battle no one’s gains will be good for anything.

Also “political correctness” was a term invented by the Reagan revolutionaries to erase society’s inequalities and reduce them to trivialities while maintaining capitalist power through the ideological and cultural institution of whiteness.


The blog’s name comes from the lecture by Michel Foucault, “Des Espaces Autres,” or “Of Other Spaces.” This lecture talks about heterotopias, or spaces that are passages, like cemeteries. I’ve abused the word and linked it with the fact that I grew up in Hawaii, in the tropics.


I want this blog to be a kind of heterotopia, a place where I try to practice the best politics in as ideal a form as I can. This means not slipping linguistically into the old myths of gender and race, so no gender pronouns unless they’re queered in their usage and made to stand out as odd. I hope this space, in which I put in practice my ideals, will have an impact on how I live elsewhere in my life, like a heterotopia.

 Also, my last.fm:


[1]  To that end, I’ll be posting a lot of music and video, though mostly music. I don’t own the copyrights to this work but the what I share here is always meant to promote the artist in question and enrich public understanding of their work. I will immediately remove files at the request of any artist or representative.



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