Let’s do some hyperlinked free association with some white folk shall we…

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[Jack Daws “Minstrel Mice]

All mass culture “colorless” spaces on the internet are white spaces.


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The work of art is not hanging on the wall: Ta-coumba Aiken and decentered art/artists

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In the same way that the revolution will not be televised, the work of art is never on the page or hanging on the museum wall. A work of art is nothing more than the effect that it has on actual people: those implicated in its creation and its reception.

Yesterday I went with some of the Mellon family to see the art of Ta-Aiken, who was there to greet us and others at the exhibition “Healing Hands, Healing Lands,” at Lowertown Lofts at 255 E. Kellogg Blvd. in downtown St. Paul, on the Farmers’ Market. Incidentally, Ta-coumba (with some help, of course) did the set design for Daak, Call to Action, Ananya Dance Theatre’s new performance, which we will see on June 15 (last summer we saw Pipaashaa). Continue reading

Radiohead-the “All I Need” video and its discontents

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The potential critiques of Radiohead’s “All I Need” video are legion. The most obvious, of course, is the potential conjuring of the helpless groveling third world subject just waiting for a few dollars from you in your first world to help buy some food/school supplies. I think the statement “you’re all I need” here works both ways: the more insidious reading is that the first world child needs the Third World child, subjugated, in order to provide for the first world child’s standard of living. But the lyrics and video mean more than this. Continue reading

The Love Guru: No witty subtitle here. I’m just–out

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I showed this video to my friend and he thought it was a comedy sketch. No, actually it’s a big budget Hollywoood full-length feature. Apparently this was a spiritual journey for Mike Myers in memory of his lost father. I shit you not Continue reading

Commodity fetishism: Radiohead’s finest moment

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Marxism is so passe.

This video is being shown extremely frequently on MTV in France. I think the French version has more words.

More random Target finds

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I am seriously starting to be impressed.

Target steps their game up

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The real holy trinity?